Man Utd hero Ferdinand demands season is voided due to ‘life or death’ coronavirus crisis with Liverpool winning nothing

And former Manchester United legend Ferdinand, 41, believes football needs to be put into perspective while people are dying from Covid-19.

So far, the deadly virus has claimed the lives of 335 people in Britain but that figure is expected to continue to rise.
 Man Utd hero Ferdinand demands season is voided due to ‘life or death’ coronavirus crisis with Liverpool winning nothing
Speaking on his Instagram page, the ex-England man said: “I just think the Premier League should just be voided. Just void it.
“I know there are going to be a lot of Liverpool fans going, ‘Oh Rio, it’s just because you support Manchester United and it’s Liverpool.’
“It’s not that, it’s just that I don’t see a way that it can be done, where health isn’t compromised. Simple as that.

“All this behind closed doors business, you’re still going to have the players there. What, are the players not classed as part of society?”

premier leaguepostponed champions league postponed
The Premier League has been suspended until April 30 at the earliest as coronavirus continues to sweep across the nation with devastating consequences.
The postponement could and likely will be extended depending on government advice and the spread of the virus. We might not see Premier League action again until June depending on how bad the pandemic is.

At this point, clubs are determined to finish the season – whenever that may be – and allow European places, promotion and relegation spots to come to a natural conclusion.
Mikel Arteta and Callum Hudson-Odoi are among those involved in the Premier League to contract coronavirus – while staff and players from other clubs across the top flight have shown symptoms and self-isolated.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson stepped up the lockdown on Monday night and now footballers are preparing for another six weeks of training at home. And as the risk of infection continues for many, Ferdinand is determined to see the needs and health of society prioritised in these “life and death situations”.

He added: “There are players who are going to go down lame from the illness, who might not have recovered or who will catch it from someone.
“Then it spreads to other players, so it won’t be fair, it’s not a level playing field, I just don’t feel it’s right.

“And there’s going to have to be people in that stadium to man the stadium – security, etcetera, as well in there, which puts everyone at risk.
“At this time, all this, ‘We’re gonna win this or so and so might not go down or so and so might not get promoted’ – you’ve got to put those type of things to one side.

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