Premier League 2019/20 : Player with the most chances created

Premier League 2019/20 : Player with the most chances created
With 2019/2020 coming to an end we take a look at players who created more chances in the Premier league.

Some players are blessed with the ability to create chances – and others are not.

It takes a particular type of player to be able to carve out an opportunity for a teammate by spotting a gap in a defensive line, producing a pinpoint pass or executing an accurate set piece.

The Premier League is home to some of the finest chance creators in the game .

Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester city tops the list of players with the most chance created for 2019/2020 . Wondering who the rest are? .

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 to (hopefully) help you settle a debate or two….

Most chances created: Premier League 2019/20.

Players with the same amount of chances created are separated by minutes played.

1. Kevin De Bruyne: 70 chances created (1472 minutes)
2. Emiliano Buendia: 57 chances created (1504 minutes)
3. Trent Alexander-Arnold: 55 chances created (1573 minutes)
4. Jack Grealish: 49 chances created (1614 minutes)
5. James Maddison: 46 chances created (1606 minutes)
6. Lucas Digne: 45 chances created (1620 minutes)
7. Pascal Gross: 45 chances created (1244 minutes)
8. João Moutinho: 43 chances created (1620 minutes)
9. Gerard Deulofeu: 35 chances (1469 minutes)

10. Gylfi Sigurdsson: 35 chances (1419 minutes)

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